Forever Together And Other Infatuation Games

Fluttering like countless butterflies gushing out of the valley, hot waves steaming day and night, sweats clotting and stains sparkling between beds.

I don’t know how many sunsets glazing on your spine, announcing a fresh yellow glow, the fine hair on your arm lit up like white fog against the light.

The rolling mountains of bodies formed a little island sea, near the lover’s belly button, sponging all the tenderness.

After that, the white virus spread like fog, we torn every emotions like one possessed, tangled by our own little hands, thrived like the plant brought two months ago, consumed all oxygen in this room.

Like floating in the dead sea, helpless clenching any driftwood in the rushing deep-sea. Falling endless in the world of silence.

Again and again, searching for projection in the recycled love, countless you shined on countless selves, like a mirror broken into pieces, waiting for another dawn. 

In the course of the möbius ring, are you ready to be with your sugar forever?

Photo credits
BTA / Aaron Ricketts / Kimber Capriotti / Tatiana katkova